Detour Through Your Mind

Detour Thru Your Mind Completed Layouts and Pre-Viz from Ashanti Miller on Vimeo.

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Detour Thru Your Mind depicts the introspective journey of a neurotic man who loses his dog. The film uses modern art to give context to the film’s event’s. Aside from the B52’s song, it was inspired by the art history PSA’s of the 1980’s and the Oscar winning short film, The Muse. 

KatieGrinI had always wanted to make a modern art PSA of my own, and when I won an argument on behalf of the National Endowment of the Arts and PBS against my conservative roommates my freshman year at Cal Arts, I determined that a new PSA was in order. Every generation needs to be reminded the importance of art is to preserving culture. Detour Thru Your Mind is my contribution to the cause.




One of the reasons why the general public is so opposed to modern art, is because it is not a commercial art, like the art of earlier periods. The art of old masters were sponsored, so the images depicted a very clear message of what the main patron of day, The Catholic Church, wanted to convey. The populace was largely illiterate in the middle ages, so clarity in religious symbolism was tantamount. Subsequent art patrons wanted the same clarity. 

Cindy_Grin copyModern art took a different direction in the form of conveying the human psyche. Psychology is difficult to fathom from the get go and conceptual art’s nature of depicted the bends and twists of the subconscious is too great a puzzle for people who see art as a splash of colors on canvas that goes with the couch. Piss Christ and Mapplethorpe’s final exhibit is not depicted in Detour Thru Your Mind, for they are not relevant to the story, but “play with a purpose” of the post-modernist era frames the narrative in addition to well known pieces of earlier movements. 


Fred Schneider and his aid have whole heartedly approved the storyboard and await the film’s completion. I have finished the piece as far as layout, but I fear that I will ruin it in animation. Therefore, I am search of funding for a crew to help me finish Detour Thru Your Mind with the polished execution it deserves.



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