Algebra Rock


When I was an animator, miserable on Futurama and living the famous Melrose Avenue district in West Hollywood-LA, I used to drool over the package designs in the store windows! Graphic designers get to color. Graphic designers get to produce polished work instead of rushed characters for animation production. The only drawback is that a graphic designer must see composition governed by typography rather than characters. That caveat is what prevented me from changing careers. Not that it’s a piece of cake to leap from animation to graphic design. Graphic design is just as impacted as animation. Regardless I still see a place for my talents in graphic design. Especially in formats where it has failed me. 

I’ve been reteaching myself algebra for some years now and one deficiency I’ve noticed of text books is that there are no clear visual distinctions between the algebraic methods. I had no idea that there was an Order of Operations. It wasn’t my fault. I bought my old textbooks and the mnemonic isn’t there. There is also visual distinction between PEMDAS and FOIL. How is a visual learner supposed to learn them without an eye catching infographic? How infuriating! So, to level the playing field away from auditory learners who excel at math, I’ve made my own infographics for the Order of Operations. 

Another thing I notice about my old text books is that it kicks you out of your childhood world and catapults you into the realm of adulthood. It’s not the fun adulthood, but the colorless corporate, pocket protector adulthood. The cartoons are gone. The text books for French class gets cartoons. Math is the universal language. Where are OUR CARTOONS? School House Rock needs to be extended to Algebra Rock..or Rap. 



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