On the Bed She Was Lying

On the Bed She Was Lying from Ashanti Miller on Vimeo.

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On the Bed She Was Lying is a supernatural story of a girl who encounters the ghost of her mother in their former home. Story by Tiberio Ventura with motion graphic intervals designed by Heather Reardon, this was a project saved by the popularity of motion graphics. What I learned in animating this project on the side of having a full time job is that character animation is not everything. An NPR article on Miyazaki’s Totoro touted the details of that film, like tad poles swimming in a pond, despite that the character animation was shot on fours instead of two…


Audiences, these days, don’t care as much about character animation as they do effects. I experienced this first hand when despite my efforts of animation, clean up and color on two’s in On the Bed She Was Lying, my fellow producer found the effort flat—that is until I added effects. The solution was simple and soul crushingly easy. A few overlays of images sliding across the scene as a character is held in a run cycle was all that was needed to spice up the film. Heck, if that’s all audiences want these days, I’ll make a career of making cut out films in the style of 80’s Reading Rainbow read alongs. I think that will be far less taxing than stress dreams of missing inbetweens toward the end of production!





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